Tears were glinting in my eyes

Cried aloud, staring the sky.

I went through a whole range of emotions

Tried to stand, I felt some suffocation.

I sank in the dark, total misery

I was hiding then, no publicity.

I shuffled my feet

Walked on the sand all alone

Within me, a new me was born.

I bewailed for what all I did

Sobbing, into the night’s mid.

I didn’t break down in front of anyone.

~Harshita Solanki


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Another night with bags under eyes,

A night to remember all the goodbyes.

Another moment of introspection,

A moment to remember all the connections.

Another book with not just one story,

A dream of that book reading out my glory.

Another moment of introspection,

A moment to end all toxic relations.

Another day with burden of thoughts,

A day to remember how I fought.

Another moment of introspection,

A moment to begin with deterioration.

Another day to consider myself,

A day that makes ME validate thyself.

Another moment of introspection,

A moment to show myself some affection.

~Harshita Solanki

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I closed my eyes to see this imaginary city,

Where children’s shoes were the only things dirty,

Being a woman, I walked down the road fearlessly,

And there comes a man who asks for my hand formally.

As I move further I see a huge playground,

The corners not dominated…



Harshita Solanki

Harshita Solanki

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