A letter to self

Harshita Solanki
2 min readOct 12, 2020


A letter to self

Dear self

Do you remember when you were five?

Got lost in the streets, you were so naïve.

But yesterday you were lost in your thoughts,

It was hard to pull you out, though you fought.

Remember when you were seven?

You went to a good school for the first time,

How easy it became for you to recite rhymes.

But yesterday you only spoke about how lost you feel,

And how badly you want to heal.

How confidently you sang on stage when you were ten,

How eagerly you wanted to sing the song again.

But yesterday you only sang one sad song,

That 10 year old wouldn’t want to sing along.

You were catcalled at the age of fifteen,

But how normal it became to people, such things happen to a teen.

You stood for yourself and told everyone it was wrong,

But yesterday you felt ashamed of it after so long.

You were body shamed in high-school,

Your heart hurt but you acted too cool.

Like it never mattered to you,

The shoulders you could cry on were less than few.

Dear self, I ask, How are you?

Because we barely talk and that’s rude.

Take care of yourself first,

Might be hard but gather some guts.

Guts to stand up for yourself when you thought you failed.

Dear self,

You are very strong,

If you have reached here, you have proved people wrong.

~Harshita Solanki

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