Harshita Solanki
1 min readSep 18, 2020


My love for you is unconditional

At times, it is so cold,

It makes me shiver from head to toe.

That I freeze and can only remember your face,

And the thought of you leaves me numb for days.


At times, it is so warm,

Like finding comfort in a storm.

That I sweat in that love’s heat,

From my shiny hair to my almost tanned feet.


At times, it turns as dark as a moonless night,

When you are not around because of a silly fight.

That I keep on reading conversations so old,

And in my head, I cannot lose your hold.


At times, it turns as pretty as a rainbow,

That the world appreciates from its window.

That I feel so full of colors and light,

I touch the rainbow, irrespective of its height.


At times, it makes me want to smile,

For me, you have travelled an extra mile.

That I am obliged and I feel that I owe you,

People that shower unconditional love like you, are very few.

- Harshita Solanki

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