Poem on Goodbyes

Harshita Solanki
2 min readFeb 18, 2021


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To the place, I lived in for so long,

It’s time to sing a goodbye song.

This place has seen many of my flaws,

My first achievement and my first loss.

To the person, I completely admired,

I sang the goodbye song but now I am tired.

This person had raised me into what I am today,

He was my father & that is all I can say.

To the flower, that grabbed all the attention,

I say goodbye, as its petals fall from all directions.

This flower now seems like a waste,

I wonder why it had to die in haste.

To the sky, that shows up every morning like a king,

In the evening, I have a goodbye song for you to sing.

This sky, which is a shed to the humankind,

Grows darker at night and leaves us behind.

Goodbyes are always heartbreaking and sad,

Be it the sky, flower, home, or dad.

Some people, as they say, are our hardest goodbyes

But I believe, every goodbye is hard, be it the dawn of the sky.

~ Harshita Solanki


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