Poem on Mother

Harshita Solanki
1 min readMay 1, 2021


Ma, every time you call me with different nicknames,

I act irritated, but I love it and that’s insane.

Every time you push me into doing something for me,

I act like a rebel, but it is my in-process success’ key.

Every time you shower love, attention and care,

I act dubious and I know that’s not fair.

Every time you hold my hand and say, ’’I’m here.’’

I feel safe, protected and showered with care.

‘Thankyou’ would be such a short word to express my gratitude,


You deserve a book written for you, with pages as lengthy as the longest longitude.

Today is not a special day, if you think I am flattering you,

These are the feelings that I witness every time I think of you.

You’re not just my guardian, but my best friend,

Thankyou for giving me the space to explore and comprehend.

You are the wind beneath my wings and water beneath my fins,

Thankyou for standing with me through thick and thin.

-Harshita Solanki


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