Harshita Solanki
2 min readSep 18, 2020

Today I am going to tell you about someone, she is just like me,

Maybe just a little more pretty or cheerful or carefree.

She speaks just like me

Maybe with a little more confidence

The one who is able to complete every sentence.

She dances just like me

But of course she has better moves

She can turn tables with her grooves.

Oh and did I tell you

She loves to write just like me

But she knows better how to play with each word.

Her poems speak a lot and she can be heard.

She is just like me

Just somehow very much better.

And no, I don’t share my clothes

But she looks lovely in my grey sweater.

And the way she smiles, the mirror starts to shy

No it is not me, why would I lie?

But she is just like me

She is just like me but also so much different

That people would turn their heads twice to look at her

Her skin so soft, feels like a cloth’s soft fur.

She is just like me

And I don’t know what makes her so different.

I can never accept the fact that she stays in my head.

She is always around

Sometimes serious and sometimes a clown.

She is my reflection and she always gets my attention.

And as I told you she is just like me yet so different.


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