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She sat down on the chair with a cup of tea,

Husband — office, children — school, finally felt free!

“Should I take a nap or water the plants?”

“Should I go buy groceries but maybe I can’t”

As she moved from the kitchen to the balcony,

Her eyes stuck at a bird making her nest in harmony.

Jealous of the freedom that the bird depicted,

She turned her head away but her eyes never shifted.

From the balcony, she went to her room and switched on the television,

Body tired, willingness worn out, she watches the same show every season.

Remembering how creative she used to be,

But her future? Only her father was allowed to see.

Got married at a very young age,

Not saying that she is trapped in a cage.

But maybe she is, standing behind that barricade of marriage,

She didn’t want to, but to speak and fight, she needed the courage.

Often she thinks of the last speech on ‘freedom’ she gave at school,

The applause didn’t stop, she was overwhelmed but acted cool.

She still remembers those strong words from the speech,

The audience now is an empty sofa and a virtual mic that is out of reach.

Wishing to ignore the awkward moment, she goes go back to see the bird again,

Feels proud of it and whispers ‘’you own yourself’’, cries in pain.

~Harshita Solanki


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