We the women

Harshita Solanki
2 min readSep 18, 2020


Drowned in the pool of prejudice,

Being born privileged, is a bliss.

But I never understood this gap between men and women,

I’m sure of many things that he cannot do but I can.


I think it is too late,

To right my wrongs.

For I have discriminated and promoted hate,

Between genders, for quite long.


Because I stood for what I said,

And I wasn’t forced to swallow my protest.

One of the many things that I don’t understand,

Who created this difference between a man and a woman?


I still struggle to enjoy the nights,

Outside on endless roads.

Because my privilege won’t save me after twelve,

Seek help for safety? But from which god?


You talk about equality, I’d rather call it a pretence,

Because I don’t know what are the privileges of being a woman.

How does it feel to go out after the sun sets in the world’s shame,

Shame of objectifying women who go through so much pain.


No, I’m not weak. I am not weak,

I’ll keep shouting for what I want until my voice reaches its peak.

Until I kill this difference that I am sure you have created,

Until what you see as equality, is actually hated

All around the world.


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