When I was 13….

Harshita Solanki
2 min readMay 1, 2021


To anyone reading this, I hope you’re in good health and I wish you stay strong in tough times like these.

So, right when I was cleaning my shelf today, I found something worth gold. I found my first diary in which I used to write poems. The first poem I ever wrote was about an endangered tiger, I wrote in when I was in class 5. But later on, I started to write such deep and unrealistic things. I mean of course, what do you expect from a 13 year old naive teenager. But I am still in awe of what I wrote. So that was what I wanted to share. Also, there were no titles to these poems so I’ll put something random. I am not going to correct anything. I’m going to leave it raw, like it was. Here it goes :p

In the dark when comes the light,

It’s just me and my soul alone fight.

Because I’m afraid I hold on tight,

But going through the way, I stare at the night.


Sometimes I love walking long miles,

On the path of broken tiles.

Seeing a stranger, my teeth smile,

Wishing to see someone, I wait for a while.


Still no one? I alone continue,

People who willingly stay are really very few.

Life is long, you may find many crews,

But amongst them, which one is true?


Then I realize, it’s my journey, I’ll complete alone,

Strangers and cheaters will come and go.

Speak up confidently, ‘’ I was born alone’’,

It’s time to move on, THE SAD PAGES WERE ALREADY TORN.


-Harshita Solanki



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